Richard Gordin – Civil Litigator and Criminal Lawyer

I am an experienced civil litigator and criminal lawyer who practices in Washington, DC and Maryland.

I have represented companies and individuals in high-stakes, complex cases.  My experience has ranged from being an associate and a partner in large national law firms to managing law firms to prosecuting criminal cases as an Assistant United States Attorney for the District of Columbia. I have defended clients in criminal cases, represented clients involved in criminal or civil investigations by state and federal agencies, and prosecuted and defended civil lawsuits and arbitrations.

As a successful civil litigator and criminal lawyer, my first duty is to my client. I work with the client to develop the best case and to constantly evaluate the possible outcomes and how best to reach the outcome that the client determines, with my guidance, is ultimately best.

I have managed law firms in Washington, D.C.  Those experiences have convinced me that the client is often not best served by billing based on an hourly rate.  My clients are important to me and I want to enter into fee arrangements that each can manage and that allows me to provide services that are not constrained by the unpredictability of billing by the hour.

For many cases, hourly fees may get in the way of doing what is best for the client.  A case with $200,000 at stake may require the same work as the same case that has $20 million at stake.

Although an attorney’s hourly based fees might be reasonable for a $20 million dispute, those same fees might prevent a party from being able to successfully litigate the same facts and legal issues when only one percent of that amount is at issue.

Richard H. Gordin, Washington DC Lawyer

Legal Billing Designed With You in Mind

Civil Litigator and Criminal Lawyer Richard Gordin

As an experienced civil litigator and criminal lawyer, I know how to approach cases effectively and wisely.  My experience translates into efficiency that allows me to keep my fees and costs low.  I offer services based on  billing approaches other than an hourly rate that make the case more affordable for my client.  For example, billing may be based on a set fee for a project, a fixed monthly fee, a mixed fee or some other approach that makes sense for the type of representation needed.  These approaches not only should make many cases affordable but also offer the client the ability for long-term financial planning.  Instead of facing a bill each month for an unpredictable amount, the client knows and can plan for the agreed monthly or project amount.

By working outside of a larger law firm, I have the flexibility that those in larger firms do not.  I do not have the pressure of incurring the firm’s displeasure if a case is not profitable enough or if the client cannot afford all of the work that should be done.

Some cases require the work of more than one attorney.  During my 40 years in the practice of law, I have developed relationships with excellent lawyers across the nation.  I team with others as need be. This allows me to offer all the services my clients require and to manage the delivery and cost of those services.

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