Civil Litigation

I have broad experience in handling civil lawsuits involving a variety of matters, including commercial cases, private enforcement of federal or state statutes, real estate, insurance coverage and consumer fraud. I have handled individual lawsuits, class action claims, administrative proceedings and arbitrations.

I have been engaged in business cases that arise out of such matters as disputes concerning contract interpretation or performance, business torts, insurance coverage, ownership of intellectual property, shareholder rights, employment, federal regulations and actions by government agencies. I regularly handle matters in the District of Columbia and Maryland, as well as state and federal courts throughout the country.

I have prosecuted and defended civil claims brought by private individuals under the antitrust laws, civil RICO, state consumer fraud laws, discrimination laws, patent and copyright statutes, civil rights provisions and other state and federal statutes.

Although each case should be treated as though it might be tried, I work with the client to carefully examine the various possibilities from the outset to see if there is a way to resolve the dispute before going to the effort and expense of filing suit with its attendant impact on relations between the parties. If suit cannot be avoided, we position our clients to ensure that applications for summary judgment and other pre-trial remedies, where available and advisable, are made effectively and at the earliest possible time. Early arbitration, mediation and other forms of alternate dispute resolution are also employed whenever any such technique would better serve the client’s interests.

One problem with civil litigation is the cost to the client. One reason that I left a larger firm was to allow me to practice law without the tension between the “billable hour” and serving the best needs of the client. Please click here to read more about my approach to billing and giving you the client the best possible representation.

Civil Litigator and Criminal Lawyer Richard Gordin

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