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As a former federal prosecutor and as a defense attorney, I have handled dozens of trials and appeals. I have represented national and local corporations and individuals in a variety of criminal investigations involving fraud, securities, antitrust, health care, food and drug laws, federal and state procurement, public corruption, the Arms Export Control Act, money laundering, tax and other financial crimes.

My representation of companies and individuals has been on behalf of defendants, targets or potential targets of criminal investigations and witnesses. My representations have often involved, for my client’s benefit, development of working relationships with state and federal law enforcement authorities, prosecutors and agency attorneys. I have represented companies and individuals who have appeared as witnesses in response to grand jury and trial subpoenas.

Successful representation of a client in a criminal investigation may be especially complicated as other persons or proceedings are implicated. Many of my cases have required coordination with attorneys who represent other potential targets or witnesses. This might require joint cooperation agreements. Sometimes, it may wiser to find a way to cooperate without a formal agreement with other counsel. Sometimes, it may be wiser not to share at all with other parties.

Representation in criminal cases at times maybe further complicated by the existence of a related civil proceeding, be it a lawsuit, an investigation by an agency of a legislative inquiry. Protection of a client’s rights in one proceeding can potentially expose the client to risk of loss or damage in the related proceeding.

I do not believe that my representation of a client should be compromised by unexpected fees based on the billable hour. My independence from the economic structures of larger firms allows greater flexibility on billing arrangements that provide the client with predictable and manageable fees.

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